WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Here’s the Best Way to Calm Your Anger
Study:  Venting Is NOT Best For Calming Anger

A study from The Ohio State University have found that breathing, rather than venting, works better to soothe anger.

Researchers analyzed data from over 10,000 people.  They found that deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and counting to 10 all worked better than a long chat with your best friend.

Some activities, like jogging, actually rev anger up.  This goes against the notion that angry people should “blow off steam.”

To reduce anger, it is better to engage in activities that decrease arousal levels,” senior study author Brad Bushman said.  “Despite what popular wisdom may suggest, even going for a run is not an effective strategy, because it increases arousal levels.”

(Learn more, here:  Study Finds)

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