WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Here’s How to Enjoy Your Best Living Room
Interior Designers Share the Biggest Living Room Design Failures

If you really want to enjoy your living room, and you’d like others to enjoy it, too, don’t make these common mistakes.  According to interior designers

Have enough light sources or surfaces:  Not having these is a common error.  Use light which is easy on the eyes, not fluorescent, nor anything industrial.  It should feel relaxing, not glaring.  Mirrors help distribute light.

Get the right rug:  Use painter’s tape to outline where you want it to be, to determine the right size and placement.

Place the couch correctly:  toward the middle of the room, if you can, to make the space feel larger…  not against the wall.  Do spend on a quality sofa, rather than other items, because it should actually be comfortable and sturdy.

It’s better to have that sofa face a large window, than to have it up against that.  A TV can be to the side of that, or on the next wall.

Your TV should be at eye-level, or a bit below that:  Don’t cram it high up on the wall, anywhere near the ceiling.

Keep shades or blinds open at the same level, not all different heights:  Like the sofa, this is the other place to spend a little more of the budget than elsewhere.  They offer the room a finished look.

Finally, consider how people move through the room:  Try to arrange furniture so that the “traffic,” or flow of movement through the space is easy, and you’re not tripping over things, or blocked by items.

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