WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Here’s How Stores Get Us to Buy MORE than We Should

Why is it so easy to spend too much when we shop?  Blame it on neuromarketing.

It’s a behavioral science, which retailers use to convince our subconscious mind that we really want something.

It works so well, that we don’t realize our brains have been tricked into deciding to make a purchase – which we had decided against, ahead of time.

Three of the retailers best tricks are pretty sneaky.  But if you know about them, ahead of time, you can use your conscious mind to tamp down that subconscious desire.   The next time you go shopping, remember these tips from   marketing expert Roger Dooley, who wrote a book about neuromarketing, called Brainfluence…

  • First, look at the store mannequins. You’ll probably notice that they’re looking back at you.  Dooley says those mannequins are positioned to make eye contact with us as we walk by, because studies show that eye contact- even with fake eyes- stimulates release of the feel-good brain chemical oxytocin and that makes the store seem more friendly and inviting.  We get comfortable, and more likely to spend.
  • Also, the music you hear in your favorite store will be newer versions of the songs that were popular when you were 18.  That way, you’ll feel connected to the store and your youth…without feeling stuck in the past.
  • Finally, understand the concept of vanity sizing.  That’s when products are labelled with a smaller size than they actually are.  So, you try on a shirt and all of a sudden, you’ve gone down a size!  And, because you feel good about yourself; you feel good about the store; you buy things; and you’re more likely to come back.  


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