WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Living with Pets Affects our Brains and our Bodies – Here’s HOW
New Study Shows the Effect which Living with Pets Has on our Brains & Bodies
Sharing your home with a pet is generally very good for you.
University of Florida researchers have found that having pets may help us stave off memory loss and cognitive decline.  This is especially helpful for seniors, who may benefit from a pet’s company, from a safety standpoint, as well as from a remembered routine perspective…  time to feed ’em, time to walk ’em, etcetera.
The positive effect on brain function was most notable among dog and cat friends.  But it’s also seen among bird, and fish lovers, as well as those who have smaller pets.
It’s also believed that interacting with pets can reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure; both of which can benefit one’s memory.
We’re likely to get more exercise when we share our life with a pet.
Pets also offer their loved ones companionship and a sense of purpose.
But, the research shows that, while people feel attached to their pets, laws and regulations still view them as property, which can cause undue stress, in certain situations.

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