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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Here’s a Possibly Brilliant Way to Put Away That Tree

Woman Shares Time-Saving Hack for Putting Christmas Tree Away – Gets Branded ‘Genius’

Putting away Christmas decorations can be time-consuming and irritating, even injurious.

But a woman in the UK says she’s come up with a time-saving hack, for when it comes to putting away tree decorations.

Back in 2019, Renar Krivits posted her hack on Facebook:  She simply wrapped up her fully decorated, artificial tree in plastic wrap.

She wrote, “No more decorating/ undecorating.  Wrap it and store it!

Some noted, in the comments, that it’s a brilliant idea; while others pointed out that it would make a very comfortable home for bugs, while in storage.

Unwrap a little more, here:  (


  • A woman shared a hack on Facebook for putting away her artificial Christmas tree and ornaments—she leaves all the ornaments on and simply wraps it up in plastic wrap

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