You may have heard the term “zoomies” before—it generally refers to your pet running around at full speed, for no apparent reason.  But experts say this behavior is completely normal.
LiveScience says dogs of all ages, cats, rabbits, ferrets – even elephants – have been known to get the zoomies.
Felines often experience them after bathroom breaks, though they don’t tend to run as fast, or for as long, as canines.
The American Kennel Club’s Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Jill Goldman, says zoomies happen because your dog has pent up energy, and experts call the behavior FRAPs.
To keep your pet safe during their zoomies, you should let them run around in a hazard-free area if you can.
Also, you can prepare for dog zoomies to happen around the same time each day.  And you can take notes to help you spot patterns about when they might happen.
If your dog gets zoomies constantly, it could be their way of showing you they need more time out and less time alone or crated.
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  • Experts say “zoomies” happen when your dog has pent up energy—physical energy or nervous energy
  • They say if you take notes you might notice patterns as to when you can expect zoomies to happen…  Also, if your pets constantly get the zoomies, it could be their ways of showing you they need more time out, and less time alone or crated
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