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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Get Sleep – Or You’ll Get Unpopular and Lonely

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Sleep deprivation doesn’t just keep you tired – it makes you unpopular and lonely.  But it gets worse.

Researchers at the University of California – Berkeley have found that, the less you sleep, the more physical distance you need from others.  This, then causes people who sleep poorly to exhibit reclusive behavior.

Plus, those who have to deal with people who suffer from poor sleep end up getting “infected” with the same antisocial behavior.  This can mean a whole family or a whole workplace…

However, just one night of good sleep can make you feel more outgoing and socially confident.  Imagine what regular patterns of getting more than eight hours of sleep per night could do for you.

Grown-ups need eight hours of sleep per night.  But kids need at least ten – not just for better mood and behavior, but for health and growth (mental and physical). 

Relax and take in more, here:  (Insider)

  • People who don’t sleep well become antisocial and lonely and it can infect the people around them.

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