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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Get a Vaccination without Feeling Pain. Here’s How.

London, England, United Kingdom

Innoculations are part of our modern health world; and so are necessary doses of medicine.  But if the very idea of getting a shot makes your heart flutter a bit, there’s a way to fool yourself into not feeling the pain of an injection.

Medical experts reveal that there is a pretty simple technique to try, which works, pretty much every time.  Do this:  Open your fingers wide, and grab the arm which about to get the needle.  Now, get the shot between your fingers.

Wait, what?  That sounds like it would hurt more, not less, or not at all.  But, studies consistently show that nerves can’t transmit touch signals at the same time as they send pain signals.

Plus,  your nerves will be so busy sending pressure signals; your brain simply won’t register the stick of the needle.

It’s worth a shot, anyway, isn’t it?  (Sorry LOL)

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