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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: ‘Forgetting’ May Actually Be ‘Learning’ – Here’s Why

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Why Do We Forget?  New Theory Proposes ‘Forgetting’ Is Actually a Form of Learning

Scientists have a new theory that “forgetting” may actually be part of the learning process.

Trinity College Dublin researchers theorize that changes in our ability to access specific memories are based on environmental feedback and predictability.

So, rather than thinking of forgetting as an issue, it may be a functional feature of the brain.  Forgetting may allow it to interact dynamically with the environment.

The experts say that, living in a changing world like ours, forgetting some memories can be beneficial – as this can lead to more flexible behavior and better decision-making—and ultimately increase our well-being.

Learn more, here:  (EurekAlert!)

  • Researchers have a new theory that forgetting is actually beneficial to the brain—as it means we are adapting to our rapidly changing world, and it could actually increase our well-being

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