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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Lift Your Spirits – Get Down into a Hot Bath

Soaking your body could dry up your depression.

Scientists recommend a nice hot tub.  Mom and grandma were right about the benefits.  And it’s “no cal.” 

Studies now reveal that, when you take a hot bath, daily, for 2 months, it helps them manage stress better than prescription anxiety medication.  Soakin’ is way less expensive and readily available.

A 1995 study found that, using heated coils to warm up patients with severe depression – to about a body temperature of 101.84 degrees Fahrenheit – helped 60-percent of patients feel better.

40-percent met the criteria for remission from their depression, after just one session.

There were two main theories as to why this might work:

1) Depression has been associated with high levels of general inflammation in the body—so heat may increase levels of anti-inflammatory compounds.

2) The sensation of heating the body relaxes patients, makes them less likely to think negative thoughts.

Now researchers in Canada are testing the theory, once again.  Experts are excited because they say it’s great to find natural ways of decreasing inflammation, without anti-inflammatory medications.

Dip into more, here:  (Daily Mail)

Plus:  A hot bath can also cut the length of a cold.  Researchers at the New York Nasal and Sinus Center have found that soaking for 20-minutes a day, in a hot bath, can shorten a cold by four days.  That’s because viruses are heat-sensitive – so raising your core temperature helps kill them off faster.

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