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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Do You Know the Wi-Fi Etiquette Rules We Regularly Break?

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A survey reveals that the worst Wi-Fi etiquette rules you can break include changing someone’s password, stealing Wi-Fi from a neighbor, and using a coffee shop’s internet without buying something.  And:  more than two thirds of adults use Wi-Fi daily.  


Emily Post would have nothing to say about these etiquette rules . . . mostly because she died in 1960 and didn’t own a computer.  But someone has polled 2,000 of us, to determine the Wi-Fi etiquette rules which we most  regularly break.  And the average person breaks at least one of these, each month!  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Connecting to someone’s Wi-Fi without asking…  Like if they don’t have a password, or you find it on their router.

2.  Changing someone’s password.  Even if they’re using a lame, default password, you’re not helping.  It’s still rude.

3.  Stealing Wi-Fi from a neighbor, just because it’s unlocked.

4.  Giving someone’s password to someone else, without asking.

5.  Using your phone at the dinner table.

6.  Using a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, without buying something.  They’ve got to pay those bills.

7.  Opening shady links, which might include adult or odd themed subjects (porn, etc.).

8.  Using the internet too much, when you’re a guest…  So it feels like you’d rather be online, than spend time with the person.

9.  Streaming or downloading large files, because it can slow down other devices.

10.  Going somewhere just to use the internet.

The Mirror reports that the study was commissioned by full fiber broadband provider Hyperoptic:  It “also found more than two thirds of adults use Wi-Fi daily.  In fact, an average of six hours a day is spent connected to the likes of games and dating apps online – compared to four hours working and one hour exercising.”

Learn more, here:  (Mirror)

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