WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Do 3 Things to your Home – Your Mood Will Improve

Three Things You Can Do to Your Home to Put Yourself in a Better Mood


You’ve probably spent a LOT of time inside your house in the past year or two – more than you ever expected.  So what have you done to the place to make yourself happy – or at least SANE?

And with so many of us, now, working from home – or just wanting to feel DONE with work, when we get back from it – changing things up a little can really lift your spirit at home.

A new survey asked people what they do to their house to put themselves in a better mood.  And the top three are:

1.  Keep it clean.

2.  Make sure it smells good.

3.  Set the temperature so it’s comfortable.

The survey also found two-thirds of us have taken time, in the past year, to try to fix up their place, so it helps their mood.

Enjoy more, here:  (Yahoo)  

Three things you can do to your home, to put yourself in a better mood…  According to a new survey:  Keep it clean.  Make sure it smells good.  Set the temperature so that it’s comfortable.


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