WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Improve your Mood – Do These 3 Easy Things to your Home

Over the last few years we’ve learned how to spend more time at home than we ever had before, possibly more than you ever expected.  So what have you done to the place, to make yourself happy – or at least more comfortable?

And with so many of us, now, working from home – or just wanting to feel done with work, when we get back from it – changing things up a little can really lift your spirit at home.

A new survey asked people what they do to their home, to put themselves in a better mood.  And the top three are:

1.  Keep it clean.

2.  Make sure it smells good.

3.  Set the temperature so it’s comfortable.

The survey also found two-thirds of us have taken time, in the past year, to “try to fix up the place,” so it helps our overall mood.

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