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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Create Your Own Zen – Cheap and Easy

​​Holistic Wellness:  Create Your Own Zen Space – in Your Home


With all the stress that life has and is continuing to bring into our lives, it’s important to find time and space to invite peace and, well, zen, into your life.

The best way to do it is to create your own zen corner in your home.  So, here are some ways to achieve the perfect space.

First:  COLOR.  Taupe and beige will prove to be soothing, blue or pink will energize your mind, yellow tones will match your body’s natural circadian rhythm and evoke sleep.  Certain shades of LED light will grab your attention and encourage activity, rather than relaxation.

Next:  COMFORT.  Be sure to include a cozy chair and pillows.  Dimmable lighting, and a good view, preferably one of the outdoors, really help.

Then:  NATURAL ELEMENT.  Plants, a water feature, or plenty of natural light is the best way for nature to charge your quiet place.

Finally:  SYMBOL.  A well-placed symbol, which has meaning for YOU, could be a great addition, a familiar focus.

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