WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Chef Reveals Cooking Mistakes We Should Never Make

Chef Calvin Eng is an expert at cooking – not just because he has been cooking since he was five, and opened his first restaurant when he was 27.  He’s a master of cooking – that’s how you earn the title of “chef.”

And Chef Eng is now the owner of the prominent eatery, Bonnie’s, in Brooklyn, New York.

Recently, he shared with Today, five of the mistakes we often make, when we’re cooking at home.

They are:

  • Starting the cooking process with a full dishwasher – you may need some of the clean stuff; and you need a place to get the dirty stuff out of the way, quickly.
  • Letting knives go dull – which makes chopping or slicing more difficult and less safe for you.  Ironically, keeping them sharp keeps you safer (Example:  If the knife slides right off the side of that tomato, let’s say, in can slide right into a finger).
  • Not having a garbage station – get refuse out of the way, right away, to keep a clean area.
  • Not having a steady cutting board – can be unsafe; and non-wooden = much more sanitary.
  • Not labeling stuff that goes in the freezer – can mess you up, later (missing out on an ingredient you didn’t know you had or not knowing something is too old, etc.).

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