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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Budget to Hire Help & Be Happier

Having Someone Clean Up After You Could Make You Happier

Of course, ultimately, “money doesn’t buy you happiness…” but it can make you a little happier, for now – especially when it comes to  housework.

According to working moms quoted by New Zealand’s NewsHub, hiring a cleaning person (or team), to tidy up around the home, has improved their lives drastically.  They say it frees their time, to spend it with their families.

Of course, there needs to be the budget for such luxuries, as financial planner Lynda Moore points out.  “If it is time with your partner or children, then you may come to a different decision and choose to have a cleaner,” says the Money Mentalist; who admits she prefers to do the cleaning herself.  Rearranging budget priorities may be all that it takes, though.  Perhaps you go out to eat less, or forego a new sofa.

If you had an extra hundred bucks a month, what would you spend it on to improve your life?

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