WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Beat Omicron – Celebrate New Year’s Eve Virtually – 5 Easy Tips

We’re finally getting ready to SEND OFF 2021…  And the rise of the Omicron variant of Covid has many of us cancelling actual get-togethers.  So, if you wanna host a virtual New Year’s Eve party, this year, here are some tips to make it great:

1.  Send out invites.  Coordinate in advance what platform you’ll use, like Zoom, Skype, Go-to-Meeting, or FaceTime – and make sure older and less tech-savvy family members will be able to participate by helping them get set up in advance.

2.  Have an agenda.  It can be loose, but at minimum it should include a time to log on, as well as a designated activity (or game) to fill any awkward silences.  (BustleThe Bash, and Elite Daily all have lists of several ideas.)  Maybe just have everyone take a 15-minute turn at saying “hi,” and updating everyone.

3.  Keep it short.  Like maybe do appetizers and a toast, while on the call together – or play a game, but not too much, at once.  Pick one thing, like that – but not anything long (like a chess or card game LOL).

4.  Make sure everyone knows about the mute button.  Background noise is bound to happen, especially when there are kids or dogs involved.  So make sure everyone knows how to mute themselves, or be ready to do it yourself, as the host.

5.  Take pictures or screenshots.  They will make for some great “2021 memories,” in a few years.

Find more fun, here:  (HuffPost / Berkshire Live)  

If you hope to host a virtual New Year’s Eve party, sometime this week, here are a few tips to make it great:  Coordinate in advance what platform you’ll use, and make sure older family or friends are set up, in advance – have a loose agenda, like what time to log on, and an activity to fill any awkward silences – keep it short – and take some pictures or screenshots as memories of the end of 2021.

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