WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  5 Ways to Get Your Digital Spring Cleaning On

We all know about spring cleaning our homes; but this might be even more necessary (yet it’s more often overlooked).  Here’s an easy guide for spring cleaning your DIGITAL life.

1.  Your browser.  It can store LOTS of info, like your browsing history, your favorite websites, and your passwords.  And it’s good to go through, it every once in a while, to delete cookies and to make sure everything is up-to-date.

2.  Your smartphone.  If you don’t regularly clean out your phone’s call logs, search history, and text messages, there can be a lot of clutter, slowing down your device.

3.  Your apps.  You should scan your phone or tablet’s app list, a couple of times each year, and delete anything you’re no longer using.  It could improve your device’s speed and battery life.  Plus, those old apps might be secretly collecting data on you.

4.  Old accounts – which you no longer use.  Instead of just abandoning them, you should go in and actually delete each one.  That way there’s less of a risk to you if the company’s data ever gets breached.

5.  Your photos.  We all have a million pictures clogging up our phones and computers.  It’s worth it to spend some time organizing them and deleting any duplicates.  There’s even a program called Remo Duplicate Photos Remover, which can help you do it.

There’s more to it, here:  (Fox News)

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