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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: 5 Ways to be Productive With Chronic Illness

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If you struggle with chronic illness, it can be tough to feel productive at work – or even just feel pretty good – each day.

But there are ways to make those things happen, at least a little more often (and maybe a lot more).  For advice on dealing with it, some of the experts at Tiny Buddha share these strategies.

They say that, if you struggle with chronic illness, you should learn to get into these habits – gradually, is best:  let go of the stress, let go of perfectionism, let go of unnecessary tasks, organize tasks, and make time in a way that’s sensible for you.

Take a break when you can.  For example, if you own your own business, you can close the door, during lunch – or put a sign on your chair, if you must stay at your desk, to let others know you are off duty, for the hour.

Learning to relegate duties, to those who can truly handle them, may be good for each of you.

Take some time to meditate, preferably before you start your work day.  Afterward, order your day in your head, with only 3 to 5 top priorities…  Then, address others, if those are taken care of, first.

Keep your therapy, treatment or medication schedule as a top priority.  Take care of YOU, the rest will follow.

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