WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  5 Cleaning Mistakes We Didn’t Know We Were Making

Have you ever cleaned something, then your partner came in and gave you that look, like you could have done it better?  Well, life is better without getting that look.  LOL  So:

Here are five cleaning mistakes you might not even know you’re making.

  1. Dusting surfaces with a dry rag.  It sends dust flying through the air, and a lot of it just resettles somewhere else.  So sometimes it’s better to use a DAMP rag.  Especially if you have allergies.  Vaccuum with filter – that is best.
  2. Not cleaning your pillows.  You should wash your pillowcases once a week.  But what about the actual pillows?  They collect a lot of bacteria and oil.  So you should wash or dry clean them at least once or twice per year.  Just check the instructions on the tag.
  3. Cleaning stainless steel in a circular motion.  It can leave marks.  So instead, look for the grain in the steel, and scrub WITH the grain, not in a circle.
  4. Forgetting to clean your remotes and light switches.  They’re two spots in our home we touch a LOT.  And most people don’t clean them enough.
  5. Washing your windows on a sunny day.  Glass cleaner dries too fast in direct sunlight, and leaves behind ugly streaks – which can make your windows look even worse.  So, it’s better to wait for an overcast day, or clean them at night.  Check out more, here:  (Fox News)
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