WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  5 Bad Habits – Avoid THESE First Thing in the Morning

Mondays are tough, but are you making them harder than they need to be?  Here are five bad habits to avoid first thing in the morning . . .

1.  Hitting the snooze button.  Over half of us do it, but studies show those extra few minutes of sleep don’t actually help.  So you’re better off setting your alarm for a more realistic time, and training yourself to wake up the first time it goes off.  Get to bed a little earlier…  It helps.

2.  Immediately checking your phone.  Checking texts and emails or reading the news in bed are some of the most stressful ways to start your day.  Better options include stretching, deep breathing, drinking some water…  Or how about saying hi to your kids or partner or family, first?  LOL

3.  Starting your day with a sugar rush.  It sets you up for a roller coaster of being hungry, moody, and then tired again.  Cereal and sweetened coffee are the two biggest culprits.

4.  Not washing your facePillows are covered in oil and dead skin, especially if you haven’t washed them in a while.  So even if you wash your face before bed, it’s not a bad idea to wash it again in the morning.  Just don’t use a harsh cleanser both times.  Soap and water are fine.

5.  Completely overlooking your own mental health.  Having to rush around is what makes mornings so stressful.  So going to bed and waking up earlier really is important, because it gives you more time to ease into things.  That said, even a small routine like opening up the shades and letting some sun in can help.

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