Wonder Why Brands Can’t Say ‘Super Bowl’ in their Ads?  Check This Out

Here’s Why Brands Can’t Say ‘Super Bowl’ in Ads

Although it’s the biggest game of the year, there are advertisers that can’t say “Super Bowl;” but there’s a reason why.

Some companies think saying “Super Sunday” is cool instead of “Super Bowl,” but that’s owned by the NFL, too.

So, if a company is caught using the term(s), it will receive a cease-and-desist (stop it immediately, or we’ll pursue you, monetarily) letter from the league.

Companies can’t (and often don’t) use the terms because the league charges lots of money to use them.   That’s why you hear the term “The Big Game,” so much.  It’s not owned.

This year, a 30-second ad costs $7 million.  This Sunday is Super Bowl LVIII, or 58.

Marketers also can’t use other terms that are copywritten by the league, such as team names and player names.

Who do you have winning on Sunday?  What would change about Sunday’s game to make it better?

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