Women Are Marrying…  Themselves? Yep. Here’s Why.

(AP Photo/Russell Contreras)
Women Are Marrying…  Themselves?
These days some women are choosing to marry themselves.
Insider reports that “sologamy,” or marrying oneself, is on the rise among women; who are looking to solidify their commitment to themselves.
And it’s not just symbolic:  Women are proposing to themselves, and throwing elaborate weddings, with all the trimmings.
Some experts have suggested that the pandemic may be partly responsible for more interest in self-partnership…  really, self-reliance.
Psychologist Ieva Kubiliute explains, “With increased time spent at home alone, individuals have opted for new methods to appreciate themselves and enhance self-compassion.”
InsideHook points out that the practice seems to reflect the value of independence, which ultimately seems like a good thing.
There’s more bliss, here:  (InsideHook)


  • A new trend has emerged in which women are marrying themselves, completely with elaborate weddings with all the trimmings
  • Some experts think the trend stems from the pandemic, and many people spending time at home, alone

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