Woman Comes Home to Find Confused Airbnb Guests Who Rented her House
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A Philadelphia woman came home to strangers trying to enter her home…  at Christmas.  

Molly Flaherty was shocked to find a family on her doorstep, on Christmas Day.  They claimed to have booked her home on Airbnb; but Flaherty had never listed her home.

So, how did this happen?  The strangers were victims of an Airbnb scam.  Someone had apparently logged into an older account, and reactivated the listing, which had been live before Flaherty even lived there.

The scammers were likely trying to receive money from bookings – which would never occur.

According to a statement from Airbnb:  “We provided support to the guests at the time to help make things right, including a full refund, and have deactivated the listing.”

This becomes a good question to ask, when you close on a house:  “Have you ever listed this home for rental, and, if so, with which service or services?

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