Woman busted cheating…on herself??

Some people…am I right??

There is a woman in England (I’m sure glad we beat them in the Revolutionary War) who married herself two years ago.  Why?  Well, who cares and who knows?  She likes herself, and trusts herself, more than she likes or trusts anyone else.  I’m speculating.  Anyway, as of 5 months ago, she found someone else that she likes and trusts more than herself.  So, herself started an “affair” with a man.  He was her side hustle so to speak.  So basically, she was cheating on herself, with herself and some dude.

My question:  How did she hide her affair from herself?  That’s gotta be stressful.

Here’s the full story:




Early pic…same great folks Oooohhhh…So good! Don’t need ’em. Why keep ’em? An “unwelcome” visitor?? It’s too much too soon!! Str-izza???