I will tell you personally it took me 15 minutes to build up courage to even walk out on the ledge and when I did it, I literally crawled on my hands and knees to do it. So I can only image how frightened a group of visitors had to be when SkyDeck’s ledge up on Chicago’s Willis Tower’s protective layer cracked underneath them. The SkyDeck is a clear, 3-inch thick clear plastic balcony on which you stand to view the city of Chicago from 103 floors up. Apparently there was a woman with two kids on it when the protective top layer splintered. Tower officials downplayed the incident, saying no one was in danger and that the protective layer did what it was supposed to. The glass used to create the 103rd-floor walkway is supposed to hold up to 5 tons and the protective layer is meant to keep it from being scratched. This is the second time that the top coating has cracked, with the previous shattering happening in May 2014. Tower officials said Wednesday that their engineers would be inspecting the floor to ensure its safety. Here’s the full story from CBS-2 Chicago.

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