Diversity:  Will Country Music Institutions Embrace It Fully?  Maren Morris Says:  ‘No’
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

The ever-outspoken Maren Morris was asked if she thought the country music industry could change to accept diversity and inclusion.  The Texas singer was very blunt, with her answer:  “No.”  She adds:  “I might have a different answer, tomorrow,” but then, she says, “Some days I have hope.  Some days I don’t.”

Maren explains:  “I have gone up against these institutions, trying to scream in their face that change needs to happen now, and not tomorrow, not in five years, and nothing really changes.  It all stays the same,” she says.

Morris understands that her stance has cost her fans; but she believes that speaking up outweighs the risk.  “I don’t see the point of doing this at all, if you can’t go play a show and feel like everyone in the crowd is safe and can have fun, and not worry about seeing a Confederate flag in the parking lot, or someone being homophobic.  Keeping your mouth shut just to count your dollars at the cost of real people’s lives … I don’t see the point of that if you’ve got a finite amount of time here.”

Maren just performed in Chicago, last night (Wednesday, August 10th), at the Huntington Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island.  Congratulations to everyone who won tickets to see her, from all of us at 98.3 WCCQ!

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