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Why Does Ashley McBryde Keep her Awards in the Bathroom?

ASHLEY MCBRYDE is proud of the awards she’s won and wants people to see them.  That’s why she proudly displays them . . . in her bathroom.  Because when people visit, they WILL eventually go there.


If I ever win an award . . . let’s say a Nobel Peace Prize or Super Bowl MVP trophy . . . I have several places in mind of where I’ll put it.  But none of them would be where Ashley McBryde keeps her awards.

She has all of hers in the bathroom, and the reason is because she wants you staring at them.  She talked about it in a recent interview.

Quote, “Initially, I thought everybody has to eventually use that room.  Whether you’re coming by for brunch or you’re coming to stay the night.  You eventually have to go in that room.

I feel like it’s a really good thing to recognize when awesome things happen.  So, there they are, sitting in the restroom.”

(The interview was with Coop on  You can listen to it, here.)

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