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FRISKY FRIDAY FOLDS: Why Do Some of Us Sleep with our Arms Above our Heads?

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Experts:  Why Some People Sleep With their Arms Above their Heads
Do you sleep with your arms above your head?  If so you are in the minority.

A 2017 study reveals that “starfish sleepers,” or those who lie on their back with their arms near their head or pillow, make up only seven-percent of the population.

Dr. Shane Creado is a sleep medicine doctor and psychiatrist, who says most people sleep on their non-dominant side, he adds, “Our subconscious mind may feel safer [sleeping on the side], as your dominant hand can raise up to protect you in case of attack.”

Chris Brantner is a certified sleep science coach, who says that sleeping in a certain position, each night, could just be a habit.

Another explanation, for sleeping in starfish position, could be that you raise your arms above your head to create extra space for cuddles.

But he adds that you might be sleeping this way due to having issues breathing while you’re asleep; as this position naturally opens up the lungs.

Also, Brantner says he isn’t sure how much stock he puts into deciphering someone’s personality based on their sleep position alone.  But many people believe that starfish sleepers aren’t comfortable being the center of attention, and may also be better listeners than other people.

Rest easy, there’s more, here:  (Elite Daily)

Sleep experts say if you’re a “starfish sleeper” you sleep with your arms over your head or near your pillow, and they say it could be a sign you are struggling to breathe during the night, as this position naturally opens up the lungs

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