Why Are People Eating Oranges in the Shower on TikTok?
People have a variety of shower rituals, such as using hair masks and taking cold rinses. 
However, one interesting practice, which has gained popularity on social media, is eating an orange in the shower.

The idea is straightforward:  Turn on the shower, take an orange, get in the shower, peel the fruit and eat it while enjoying its citrusy flavor.

According to Yahoo News, Although it is difficult to determine who first attempted this shower experiment, some attribute the trend to a Reddit post from a now-deleted account, in 2015.  It described the “feel-good” experience of shower oranges.  That same year, the “Shower Orange” subreddit was established.

More recently, the shower orange trend has found a new audience on TikTok, with an increasing number of videos praising the benefits of this bathing ritual.

  • Have you tried something you saw on social media that didn’t go as it was intended online?  What was it?
  • Is there a particular food everyone around you seems to like except for you?  What it that item?
  • Where is the most unusual location at which you have eaten food?

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