Who’s Your Furry Valentine – and What Does That Reveal About You?

How Dog Choice Can Reveal True Personalities As Expert Analyzes Celebs

Doctor Lance Workman, Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of South Wales, and colleague Jo Fearon, have revealed surprising similarities in dog owners’ personalities by breed.  Lance says:  “People choose dogs to fit in with their lifestyle, which reflects their personality.  It’s like picking a romantic partner.  Your personalities (or character) have to be compatible.”

Jennifer Aniston has a miniature Schnauzer; they tend to be very conscientious, organized, and prefer to stick to the rules.  Lance says, “Owners of this breed are very friendly and open to ideas.”

Adele has a Goldendoodle, which is known to be affectionate and devoted to owners.  But they are prone to separation anxiety.  Owners are people-pleasers.

What do you think your dog says about you?  Here’s a good place to sniff around about it:  LittleThings  or  PetKeen.

I’ve got a Basset hound mix.  Hmm.

  • The Personality and Temperament of the Basset Hound is very sweet, soft and gentle. Dogs and puppies from this breed are tender-hearted, they aim to please their owners and they are very well behaved. This is a really pleasant animal that is friendly and sociable, it tends to like everybody.
  • MM – Hank – Basset hound smile

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