Who Wants to Show You Something Interesting?  A Pig or a Dog?
Study:  Dogs Want to Show You Interesting Things – Pigs Don’t 
Many socialized animals, like dogs, will communicate with us, and try to show us interesting things, like a favorite stick or patch of mud.  However, researchers have found that pigs don’t do this, even when they are raised by humans.  And it’s not that they’re not smart.  They are.  

Despite similarities between pigs and dogs, pigs don’t referentially communicate with people.  That’s according to a recent study from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary.

Referential communication is when one party directs the other to a specific object.

Humans do this with language or pointing.  Some animals are capable of doing this, too.

Chickens, for example, can communicate when they see a predator.  And we all know dogs are very capable of telling us when they want something interesting, or sniffing or licking or wagging that tail.

Pigs are just more into doing their own thing.

The study involved dogs and socialized pigs.  It also found that, while dogs use more visual communication, pigs are more likely to use verbal, like grunts and squeals.

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