Who Is Least Likely To Get A Flu Shot?  Millenials.  Here’s Why.

According to a new study, the millennial age group is the least likely to get a flu shot.

55-percent of respondents to a survey, who are all in their 20’s and 30’s, reveal that they did not get a flu shot, for this season.

Why?  Most millennials, who took part in the American Academy of Family Physicians survey, said they forgot or they didn’t have time.

Another reason:  61-percent of millennials (almost 2 out of 3) do believe in at least some theory from the anti-vaccination movement.  But vaccination has eliminated Polio and Measles and other diseases (plus many more sufferings) from the American culture.

This corresponds with surveys which reveal that millennials do not seek news stories, as a generation…  yet.

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