‘Whip It’ – If Someone Asks You to Do It DON’T – Here’s Why
Nitrous Oxide Is More Dangerous Than Cocaine
If someone ever tries to get you to do a “Whip It,” DON’T.  It’s the opposite of funny.
Half of us (50% of people) are unaware that nos (nitrous oxide) can cause nerve damage or paralysis.

Neurologist Dr. David Nicholl claims that nitrous oxide abuse can be “more dangerous than cocaine.”

The substance is mostly known as “laughing gas.”  And now it is a commonly used drug, among 16- to 24-year-olds.

Dr. Nicholl says consumption has increased since the onset of the pandemic.  And he says he sees more patients coming in with side effects.

Since nos is commonly purchased for restaurants, it can be difficult to limit the sale of nitrous oxide.

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