What’s the Worst Gift You Ever Got?  Was It One of THESE?
People Don’t Want Romance Novels, Diet Plans As Gifts 

Are you a good gift-giver?  A poll of 2,000 adults reveals that 75% of respondents – like three out of four of us – receive up to seven presents, each year, which they’ll never use.

Some of the worst gifts include:  bad romance novels, diet plans, car manuals, soap on a rope (that’s still even made?) and a new map of the United States.  Really?  Who would give a car manual?  That seems like more of a dig – or a missed attempt to help.

26% donate their disappointing gifts, which is better than needlessly tossing them in a landfill.  And 14% hide them somewhere in the house.

Those surveyed listed photobooks and gift vouchers as great gifts, as well as gifts made by their children.

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