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What’s the Most Hated Zodiac Sign? It’s Not Who You Might Think…

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“Whether you know a lot or a little about Zodiac signs, there is one sign that is the most disliked, by everyone one else, according to a recent survey.

“Surprisingly it’s not the diva Leos, moody Cancers, stubborn Tauruses, or even the strangely creative Aquariuses.

“The vote is in; and the worst zodiac sign is:  Aries.

“Why?  They are overly competitive, easily bored, and impatient.  They don’t have (or rarely use) a filter, and prefer to say and do exactly what they want.  Aries competitive nature can feel cocky; and if there is no competition around, they will pick a fight.

“Familiar Aries signs include Mariah Carey, Kourtney Kardashian, and Logan Paul.”

ISN’T THIS RIDICULOUS?  IT’S NOT NEWS.  IT’S JUST SILLY.  PEOPLE ARE GOOD.  This is a good exercise in determining what is real or fake news.  No source for the study is given, it’s just someone’s opinion.  And an online service decided to spread it around.   ~ Mo

[And no, I am not an Aries LOL]

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