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Are Skinny Jeans In Style?

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So a new survey tried to settle the debate by asking people across four different generations what is and isn’t in style.


First off, the survey asked people if they think they’re fashionable.  Overall, only 41% said yes . . . 55% of Millennials, 46% of Gen Z, 38% of Gen X, and 29% of Boomers.


Now let’s talk about some specific styles . . .



1.  The right way to part your hair.  Millennials and Gen Z both think that parting your hair in the middle and parting your hair to the side are both in style.  As people get older, they REALLY don’t like the middle part and only think the side part is in style.



2.  Bucket hats.  ARE ’90s bucket hats back?  36% of both Gen Z and Millennials say they are.  Only 15% of Gen X and 9% of Boomers agree.



3.  Fanny packs.  33% of Millennials say they’re cool, and so do 29% of Gen Z.  Gen X and Boomers are much less likely to be into fanny packs.



4.  Skinny jeans.  And finally, 54% of Millennials say skinny jeans are fashionable.  So do 48% of Gen Z . . . 46% of Gen X . . . and 46% of Boomers.  So really . . . skinny jeans seem to get the most support across all generations.

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