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What Is “Bread Steak” . . . and Would You Try It?

I’m all for inventing stupid new foods for us to eat.  But this sort of seems like false advertising . . .



A cookbook author named David Tamarkin is going viral after he wrote an article for “Bon Appétit”, and told people to try something he invented called “BREAD STEAK.”



You can check out his write-up for the full recipe.  But spoiler alert:  There’s no actual “steak” involved.



He’s vegetarian and wanted something quick and easy that imitates steak.  So he came up with “bread steak” . . . which is really just a slice of sourdough with a bunch of NON-steak-related things on top.



He says it’s kind of like savory French toast.  First, he soaks the bread in custard and cooks it in a pan.  Then he puts a bunch of fresh parmesan on it . . . sprinkles it with sugar . . . and broils it for another two to three minutes.  And after that, he just dumps a bunch of vegetables on top . . . and that’s “bread steak”.  (???)



So far, reactions are mixed.  Most people agree the name is misleading, because it’s really just vegetables on cheesy bread that you eat with a knife and fork.




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