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What Do MEN Spend More Time Imagining Than WOMEN? Whoa.

This certainly busts a lot of stereotypes:

According to a new survey, MEN actually spend more time picturing their future wedding than WOMEN.

The survey reveals that men are 8% more likely than women to think about what the wedding would look like when they’re dating someone.

And here are a few more results from the survey, according to MixBook . . .

1.  About seven out of 10 married people say they had a picture of their wedding in their head BEFORE they met their significant other.

2.  The top things people imagine are the location . . . their dress or suit . . . the food and drink . . . photos . . . and who they’re going to invite.

3.  And the most common words people use to describe wedding planning are exciting . . . memorable . . . and stressful.

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