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What Are the Top Perks and Downsides of Working from Home? THESE.

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A Survey Found the Top Perks and Downsides of Working from Home

A poll now shows us the biggest downsides of working from home are all tech-related…  And we’ve dealt with 230 tech issues, in just the past year.  But the biggest perks are setting your own schedule, eating whenever you want, and no commute.


The average person who worked from home last year dealt with 230 tech issues.  So do the benefits outweigh the bad parts?  Seven out of 10 people still say YES.  But tech dominates the list of things we dislike most, about working from home.  DISADVANTAGES:

1.  Having to use your personal computer for work.

2.  Your computer is cruddy, so software crashes while you’re right in the middle of something.

3.  In general, not having all the hardware or software to do your job.

4.  Dealing with tech support over the phone.

5.  Having to start something over because of a tech issue.  Too many distractions and having a sore back from working on the couch also made the top ten.

Now here are the top five PERKS of working from home:

1.  You can set your own schedule, so you’re never really running late.

2.  Eating whatever you want, whenever you want.

3.  No commute.

4.  Rolling out of bed five minutes before work starts.

5.  It’s easier to work out in the middle of the day.

A few more that made the list:  Less gossip . . . avoiding certain coworkers . . . and not having to wear pants.

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