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We May All Be Gradually Losing our Sense of Smell… Covid Problem?

Young woman in a shop, smelling a scented candle.
Study:  Our Individual Sense Of Smell May Be Declining – Is It a Covid Thing?

This stinks:  Your olfactory skill might not match the intense level of your ancestors.  But they, likely depended on it much more, for survival.  Makes no sense?  Or makes no scents? 

Researchers, from the U.S. and China, have tested volunteers’ perceptions of various smells.  They’ve found that our sense of smell is declining, little by little.

By combining differences in each person’s scent perception and genetics, scientists can identify the roles of various scent receptors, and who’s are modified over time.

During the experiment, two new scent receptors were identified—one which detects a synthetic musk used in fragrances, and another for a compound in body odor.  That second, natural scent, influences our mating choices.

The findings confirm previous research.  It indicates that people who have more ancestral versions of the brain’s scent receptors – the older versions of the genes – tend to find the corresponding odor more intense.

The experts say this all supports the theory that our sense of smell has weakened over time due to gene changes.

So, it’s not really “a Covid thing.”  But that loss of taste or smell sure doesn’t help.

Sniff out more, here:  (UPI)

  • Skills for survival aren’t as honed, genetically, when not as necessary
  • A study confirms that our sense of smell has gotten weaker over time – due to genetic changes

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