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We Feel “Old” for the First Time at Age 47 – But Some of It We’re Excited About

The average person feels “old” for the first time at age 47, according to a new survey.  But there are some things about getting older that people are really looking forward to, like spending more time with their family, and retiring and traveling more.


The older you get, the more you wonder, “Why did I think I was old when I was 26?

A new survey asked people over 40 when they truly felt “OLD,” for the first time.  And the average answer was:  47.

The survey also asked people what aspects of getting older they’re excited about.

Here are the top four . . .

1.  Relaxing and spending more time with family.

2.  Starting their “second act.”

3.  Retiring and traveling more.

4.  Being more advanced in their career.

Spend more time, here:  (Yahoo News)

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