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This summer gives some people a unique opportunity, as many office workers still work remotely, and their kids are going to be done with school, soon.  Plus, more and more Americans are getting vaccinated, and some pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted.
So, some are using the opportunity to go somewhere else to work, for a while, and then to take some vacation time, as well.  It’s a new way to Work Smarter Not Harder.
Airbnb says it’s continued to see an increase in longer-term bookings.  Last year it found that 60-percent of those who booked longer-term stays were working, or studying while, there.
Online reservation giant, Booking Holdings, which owns Kayak, Booking, Priceline and OpenTable, says it has seen an increase of travel reservations, which it expects it to continue, for the summer.
Some companies have even added a new option, which could make remote vacations the norm.
Google, for example, is giving workers up to four weeks of “work from anywhere” time, per year, after workers return in September.


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