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We All Like the Same Scents – No Matter Where We’re From – Especially These 2

Study:  People Around the World Like and Dis-Like the Same Kinds of Aromas
It seems the scents we prefer are pretty much universal.  And they may not be what we assume they are.
So, before you “take time to stop and smell the roses,” consider this:
Researchers from two universities have found that people across the world rank different odors in a similar way. Researcher Artin Arshamian explains, “Odor preferences have a personal, although not cultural component.
Specifically, the study found the odor molecule determines whether a smell is pleasant or not.
Participants ranked vanilla as the best-smelling scent, followed by ethyl butyrate, which smells like peaches.
Wouldn’t you think it could be roses or pines or clean linen?
Participants said the worst-smelling odor was from isovaleric acid, which can be found in many foods including (some kinds of) cheese, like Limburger, and soy milk, but also in foot sweat.
If you ask me, it’s hockey gear, specifically.
Arshamian adds that a possible reason why people consider some smells more pleasant than others regardless of culture is that such odors increased the chances of survival during human evolution.

Get a whiff of more, here:  (EurekAlert!)

  • A study finds people around the world all like similar odors (particularly vanilla) and dislike similar odors (particularly isovaleric acid, which can be found in some foods, but also in foot sweat)
  • Researchers say the reason why certain smells are universally liked or dislike likely has something to do with human evolution, as liking certain scents could increase the chances of survival

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