Video of Wynonna Judd Pausing Show in Ohio Surfaces

A video of Wynonna Judd is circulating, showing Judd nearly fainting while performing on stage in Ohio.

Wynonna paused her show and said, “Hang on a second.  Hang on a second.  I am really dizzy.  Could somebody come up here please?” A person from her production team came to her aide, and she added, “Yeah.  I’m really dehydrated.  I’m having a hard time, so hang on a second…  I’m just really dizzy.  This has never happened before, so of course it would happen in Ohio.”

After she felt better, she resumed her performance, and even joked about the incident a little bit.  Fans had helped her along, by singing all the words with her…  she made the sign of a heart, with her hands, and called them “Whoa-hio,” as a heartfelt compliment.

Judd wants her fans to know that she’s doing fine.

She took to social media, to update fans, saying, “All is well, y’all.  @littlebigtown and @martinamcbride, you are SUCH a blessing to me.  Thank you for holding me up, literally and figuratively.”

More so for women than for men, dizziness can be a symptom of a heart attack or other sudden health issue; so it was a real scare, for everyone there.

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