Mercury NashvilleNewcomer Travis Denning takes his first shot at acting in his new video for “After a Few.”

In the first scene, the Georgia native plays himself, wearing his signature Bass Pro Shops baseball cap, playing the guitar, and performing his song at the Beer Sellar in Nashville. In other scenes, he loses the baseball hat and dons a leather jacket as he’s shown gambling and romancing a love interest in the bar.

“This video was so much fun to make, mainly due to the fact it was my first time acting in a video,” Travis says.

“Whether I did a good job or not is debatable,” he adds. “But [the director] nailed the idea and the story line. I think the big gamble of the poker game along with chasing the innuendo with someone that you love for all the wrong reasons go hand-in-hand when it comes to the emotions.”

As the video closes, Travis goes all in at the poker table, and last call seems to simultaneously threaten his chance for love in the other scene. You can check out the video on YouTube now.

“After a Few” is the follow-up to Travis’ debut top forty hit, “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.”

Next month, he’s set to take the stage at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium during CMA Fest.  

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