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Warning for All iPhone and iPad Users And A Chance at $1,000,000

Apple’s not having a great month. First Apple revealed that their Face ID feature was hacked. Then there were allegations that that company has software installed on newer iPhones that can shut the phone down if the battery isn’t replaced with an Apple battery. Now, a security firm says they have found a way to hack any iPhone using iOS 8 or higher.
Checkpoint Security says that iPhones and iPads could have malicious code coming through the database of your contacts, putting you at risk to have your personal information stolen.
The “bug” or code can steal your data and passwords. Apple has been aware of the bug in the Contacts app for four years. called Apple “sloppy” for allowing user content to get hacked. But now Apple has fired back.

If you or someone you know knows how to hack a phone I know a way you can get $1 million from Apple.
Apple is putting its cybersecurity to the test and offering a “bug bounty” to hackers if they can find any security hacks on their Apple products.
The idea makes this the highest bug bounty ever offered by a tech company and the offer isn’t just for iPhones, it’s also for Mac computers. Here’s the complete story from Daily Mail.

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