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Study:  YouTube Is Spreading Bad Info about Sleep

Do you use “Dr.” YouTube to help you sleep?  Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital have found an alarming amount of sleep disorder misinformation is floating around the popular video hosting site.

The team searched for keywords like “insomnia” and “sleep tips” and compared popular videos with credible sources.

Here’s the problem:  Popular videos averaged 8.2 million views; but expert-led videos averaged only 300,000 views.

A shocking 66.7 percent of popular videos contained commercial bias or the promotion of a product or service.

People today often want very bite-sized pieces of information,” study author Rebecca Robbins said.  “However, science is fundamentally more nuanced than a one-liner or the 280 characters in a Twitter post.”

Learn more here, for real:  (Study Finds)

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