Want a Burger King Whopper for a Penny? Go to McDonald’s

Adweek is calling Burger King’s new ad campaign “clever” and “irreverent” because of its unusual premise. It requires customers to go to McDonald’s—if not inside one, at least within 600 feet of one. At that point, they open the Burger King app, which reroutes them to the nearest BK to get a Whopper for a penny. As Ad Age notes, it has the added bonus for the chain of giving people an incentive to download the app and actually use it. The ad is the brainchild of FCB New York, and it required Burger King to “geofence” every McDonald’s in the country. That would be roughly 14,000, about double the number of Burger Kings. The offer runs through Dec. 12. Here’s the complete story from Newser.



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