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Wanna See the Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Google Search in Every State? Oh Boy.

A new study found the most embarrassing Google search that multiple people in every state made last Thanksgiving.  For example, in Alaska, the top embarrassing search was “divorce lawyer” . . . in North Dakota it was “Taco Bell near me” . . . and in Indiana it was “how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.”  Here, in Illinois, it’s “Turkey or Ham.”  


When you need help on Thanksgiving . . . whether it’s with cooking OR dealing with your family . . . you turn to Google.  And then, Google rats you out.

A jobs website called Zippia just dug through Google searches from last Thanksgiving to find the most EMBARRASSING thing that multiple people in each state were searching for.  Here, in Illinois, it’s “Turkey or Ham.”  But, here are the 10 best . . .

1.  Alaska . . . where the top embarrassing search was “divorce lawyer.”

2.  California . . .  “racist grandma.”  Also, Louisiana’s was “racist family.”

3.  Pennsylvania . . . “how to win an argument.”

4.  Michigan . . . “how to treat food poisoning.”

5.  Tennessee . . . “can you cook turkey in the microwave?”

6.  Mississippi . . . “mayo recipes.”

7.  North Dakota . . . “Taco Bell near me.”

8.  New Jersey . . . “can dogs eat cranberry sauce?”

9.  Wisconsin . . . “what does it mean if your poop is green?”

10.  Indiana . . . “how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.”

Even more is revealed, here:  (Zippia

(Here’s a map with every state’s top embarrassing search.)

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