What’s the germy-est spot in your car?  The #1 answer to a recent survey was the steering wheel.  You would think, that, right?

But a swab test reveals that it’s actually your driver’s side floor mat.

We also tend to think that the driver’s side door handle, and the gear shifter are pretty gross, but those aren’t even in the top three.

Researchers say the average floor mat has about three times more bacteria, yeast, and mold growing on it than on the average steering wheel.

The second germiest spot: the front seat cup holder, followed by the inside of the trunk.  And dashboard air vents were fourth.

(So does that mean there’s just a constant stream of germs blowing on you?  Super.)

PLUS:  A separate study reveals that the dirtiest spots in an Uber or taxi are the window button, and your seat belt.

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